Friday, March 12, 2010

Is it that time again?

I ache.  I'm trying to see it as a good thing since it's keeping me in when I'm supposed to be at a party.  How anti-social does that sound?  Fact is, I do tend to be hermit-like, but this is a kid's party for the nephew I see five or so days a week, and who assures me that I won't be missed tonight. At all.  (I was not too sick to throw pennies at him while he giggled at me.)

Anyhoo, this means I've got a little bit of time alone to write.  What should be recorded about the past week?

~I spent some time working from the villian's point of view; didn't get far.
~Itching to get started, I let someone talk me into doing sprints; discovered that is not my preferred way to begin a story, but it was still good to actually begin.
~It's possible to plot and "pants".  I think.  We'll see if I succeed.  But I need a solid knowledge of the first act--to actually see how it unfolds and what the details are, before I can outline the second act.  I'm thinking a little combination of technique is what I need.

Mostly, I need to get back to it.  Parting thoughts...

From my notes:
John Grisham's Ten Commandments:

(rumored to be sitting beside his typewriter)

Start with action. Explain it later.

Make it tough for your protagonist.

Plant it early. Pay it off later.

Give the protagonist the initiative.

Give the protagonist a personal stake.

Give the protagonist a short time list. Then shorten it again.

Choose your character according to your own capacities as well as his/hers.

Know your destination before you set out.

Don't rush in where angels fear to tread.

Don't write anything you wouldn't want to read.


Nicole said...

I mostly need to just get back to it, too. Though I'm at about the halfway point in my MSS, so hopefully the momentum will keep picking up.

I often have trouble writing from the villain's POV. I think this may be because it hard to get into the "not so nice" mindset for me.

Nicole said...

Oh - and I both plot and pants all the time. It seems to work best for me -- have the basic plot laid out, but pants the bulk of the character development (which tweaks subplot items, etc).

An Again said...

I can be annoying to help you get into that "not so nice" mindset. I have a related issue. I can "think evil" but I tend to have a hard time focusing on anything that doesn't take place "on screen". The unseen evil plans effect everything, though, so I've gotta get over that.