Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not as excited for the new series of Bedlam as I want to be

One of the things I like best about British TV (at least the shows that end up in the U.S. and on my TV) is that their seasons (series) tend to be a full story.  This isn't always true (Bedlam, my reason for posting, is among the rule breakers), but it happens often enough to please.  It's a nice alternative to what happens far too often with U.S. TV, especially for us geeks: you get really into a great speculative fiction show only to have it canceled with no resolution.  Too much of the market is watching something else, so the fans are s.o.l.  Worse, the network tries to cash in on two audience types--supernatural and teen drama--and you go with it because you're still getting a paranormal fix...for a little while.  (Point Pleasant, Secret Lives of Cloe King, The Secret Circle...)

Of course, one of the things I hate most about British TV is that their seasons tend to be a full story.  Sometimes, that means the next season is another story-kinda-- populated by all new characters.  Having only caught the first two episodes of Bedlam (and having really enjoyed them) as soon I heard that series two was hitting BBC America, I went looking for the first installment On Demand., For once, I didn't end up cursing the cable company my husband talked me into switching to.  I had a lovely marathon of all six episodes of the horror show, and couldn't wait for the new series.

Seriously, I couldn't wait.  I popped online for a preview and some little hint of how the cliff hangers would be resolved.  Surely, what looked like certain death for two of the characters would somehow be averted.  The zillion questions raised would be answered.  Maybe we'll even examine the creepy, pseudo-incestuous moment that happened and then quickly found its place under the rug.

...Or not.  Gone was my resident ghost seer, whom I considered the main character due to his importance to the story, despite the ensemble feel of the other characters and subplots.  Gone was...everyone but the least likable of all the residents of Bedlam Heights.  OK, the ghosts who haunt the halls of the former asylum turned high end apartment building remain.  And there's another ghost seer and new roommates...

Basically, even it's wonderful, it'll kinda suck.