Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's not *all* about the books.

Granted The Witches of Eastwick was a book before it was a movie, but had I not peeked at Wiki, I may have never known that. Either way, it's coming to TV as an ABC series. I'm not sure that I see how they can keep the story going week after week, but I'd thought the same thing about The Dead Zone - The Complete First Season and ended up loving it.

The Witches aren't the only thing making me excited for the Fall season. When I was a kid, the streets cleared when it was time for V - The Original TV Miniseries. OK, yeah, that was before TiVo, but still! The Trailer gives me tingles!

But wait, there's more!

Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake is coming to cable (or satellite or whatever) next year. Personally, I like to pretend that the series stopped with book 9 so don't expect me to go promo crazy....But with plenty of necromancing and slaying in the early books, I have high hopes for this movie.

And slaying on the big screen with none of the camp (or the Joss) of the original or the Scoobie Gang goodness of the series (or Joss), will be Buffy. Fan reaction has been almost unanimously, "Seriously, WTF?!" I'm trying to reserve my judgment. I loved the series all the more for its dark turns, so maybe slaying that way from the start will hit the spot. Or maybe the magic was in Joss Whedon, and starting over without him will spell disaster. Only time will tell.


Julie said...

Wow, wishing for things to "change" is a dangerous wish :) That series looks like it could be good.

I remember watching V when I was a youngin... it was really good. I don't remember it being called that though.

I also pretend that LKH's series stopped at book 9. I hope the movie reflects the first 9 books and not any of the others.

Thanks for the summery of things to come.

azteclady said...

Hmmm sorry, not very enthused here.

But then I'm a curmudgeon and rarely care for remakes of anything--let alone spin-offs of stories that ended.

[did I mention that I'm a curmudgeon?]

An Again said...

In the past, when I thought of remakes, it was all the crappy version of 'Yours, Mine, & Ours' with Renee Russo and Denis Quade that had nothing of the depth of the origial Lucy Ball and ....crap...Henry Fonda (?, I should look that up) original. Even now, there's 'Land of the Lost'--it's commercials alone are like a slap to my childhood.

But in between, there was 'Battlestar Galactic'. For all my protests, it ended up being one of the best shows ever. With this particular cast and crew, I've got the same hopes for V. With the others, I'll see what happens.

(Oh, Julie...there was the mini series and the series series of V.)