Thursday, August 28, 2008

A new blog and books to boot!

I'd never run across Book Binge before, but with their contest to win seven Shomi books, I'm in love already!

Those of you who have followed the opening of A Writer's Block know that I flirted with Shomi's first contest for publication; it wasn't for me, but I still love the idea of fusing "romance, fantasy, sci-fi and everything in between." I've read the first three, Wired, Moongazer, and Driven, the last of which was my favorite. The post-apocalyptic word of Driven captured my imagination a little more than the others, but that's not to say that the reality jumping in the other two novels weren't worth the ride.

Eventually, I'll probably read the entire line of books, but I'm most looking forward to Phenomenal Girl 5, both because I have the privilege of "cyber knowing" the author and because I want to see more of how superheros work in novel format rather than comics. Also, Eve Kenin returns to the world of Driven in her not-quite-sequel Hidden. Will she be able to work her magic on me with new characters? I look forward to finding out!

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